Combination golf club and golf ball washer

Why use the new club and ball washer? Because clean gives you a better shot...

  • better ball flight
  • better backspin

Your club and ball perform exactly as they were engineered without the interference of dirt, sand, or turf particles. Heavy-duty bristles quickly clean your golf club and golf ball so you get your best shot every time. It cleans both standard and oversized balls, drivers, irons, even your putter.

This is a commercial grade unit. Constructed of high impact, UV resistant plastic, this cleaner wonít crack or fade. Dual chambers allow for separate cleaning solutions. Tethered Push-in plugs allow for easy draining and prevent plug loss. And rubber dampers at the top reduce brush splatter.

Designed for use on golf course rental carts, this club and ball washer is rugged enough to endure daily use and has enough mounting options to please the golfer with a personal cart. Mount it on a golf car fender, top frame post, rear bumper or on a work bench at home. Mounting brackets allow it to be mounted without drilling holes and a suction cup mounting system allows it to be removable.

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